FIND CONTACT INFORMATION FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICES IN TEXAS is your go-to resource for precise, current information about all local government offices and counties in Texas.

Find Texas local government offices in your region, county, and city

This includes:

The database is maintained on a regular basis to include all types of government offices, from administrative offices to legal departments, finance, tax, property, education, health, emergency services, public works, and many others.

This website will provide the physical address of county offices and departments serving your area, along with information on how to contact them.

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County Offices by Type

To locate any government offices anywhere in Texas, simply enter the government office type or the name of the office, then click on search. Narrow your results by searching by county, city, or zip code.

Designed for ease of use, this database also categorizes information according to Texas regions. It displays interactive maps of these regions, where you can view each county and click to find all the information about a certain county and its county offices.

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